Top Frugal Travel Destinations for 2016

The budget travel landscape is ever-changing, and a new year is a good excuse to look into the best wallet-friendly places to visit around the world. With tourism, flights, currency and major events affecting the cost of a trip to your dream destination, I advise doing plenty of research before you journey somewhere new. If you're still on the hunt for a place to travel this year, why not try one of the following destinations:



Speaking of Europe, Greece is one country with plenty of budget-friendly areas to visit. You can even soak in the beauty of a tropical vacation while you learn about Greece's fascinating history by traveling to the Aegean Islands. Crete is the largest, and offers unlimited activities and sights to see. You can dine at one of the many tavernas for a less expensive, but equally delicious meal. Consider visiting in early fall when it's still warm enough to head to the beach, but rates are dropping after summer crowds head out.


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Icelandair's offer of a free seven-night stopover on the way. You might use a bit more vacation time, but it will be worth it with Iceland's incredible scenery and sights. See the Northern Lights, trek through waterfalls and lagoons, or walk through a city like Reykjavik. With this extra addition to your trip, just make sure you don't go over your travel budget. Check out the area's hostels and take advantage of the free sightseeing so your wallet doesn't regret the detour.

New Mexico

TAOS PUEBLO, NM - JULY 10, 2010: Native-American dancers talk before competing in dance competitions at the annual Taos Pow Wow at Taos Pueblo in New Mexico. The annual summer event is one of the country's largest gathering of Indian Nations and features Native-American dancing and drumming contests. (Photo by Robert Alexander/Archive Photos/Getty Images)

Want to stay stateside but still travel somewhere with an exotic feel? New Mexico offers warm weather, tons of free outdoor activities and plenty of American, Native American and Mexican history. Santa Fe offers comfortable temperatures and plenty of festivals in the fall, including the famed Whole Enchilada Festival and the Native Treasures Indian Arts Festival. Make sure you go hungry, because there is plenty of delicious yet inexpensive food to go around.



If you want to head out on a true adventure at little cost, consider Vietnam. It's one of the more popular budget travel destinations for a reason. The landscape is beautiful, there is much to see and most everything is very inexpensive. Ho Chi Min City and Hanoi are two cities that cater often to tourists and backpackers, and have plenty of cheap lodging options and street food. Recent reports suggest you can get by for $20 or less per day! There are also many vacation packages available for multi-city tours.

I hope you'll find one (or more) of these frugal destinations n line with your own travel plans for 2016!