Take a whirlwind family trip to Hong Kong

Thrills and spills

Theme parks have a variety of activities that could keep everyone in the family entertained for a whole day - and more! At Ocean Park, visitors can interact with koalas, or watch Ying Ying and Le Le, the Park's resident giant pandas, lounge around in their bamboo forest home. Thrill-seekers will love the extreme rides, and the multimedia extravaganza night show Symbio - featuring fire, water, pyrotechnics and animation, is definitely a crowd favourite.

Experience a blend of Past and Present


PMQ was once the campus of Queen's College that educated business tycoons, and then the Police Married Quarters that housed police officers in the 1950s. Revitalised in 2009, the building has been transformed into a hub with local designer boutiques studios, and shops that stock unique homeware. For something more interactive, mum can attend a jewelry-making or Japanese ikebana floral arrangement workshop, while dad and kids whip up a feast at a cooking class!

Scale "The Peak"


The Peak stands at the highest point of Hong Kong Island, and provides an unfettered view of the city's spectacular city scape. The best way to begin the journey is to take the Peak Tram, which has been in operation since 1888, bringing visitors up slopes to the summit. Up on The Peak, you can visit The Peak Galleria's observation deck to watch scenes from the bustling Victoria Harbour unfold at a distance.

Go cafe hopping - HK style


No matter which part of Hong Kong you're in, you won't be very far from a Hong Kong cafe, or a cha chaan teng. A quintessential part of local food culture, these earthy cafes serve everything from snacks like French toast and bolo buns, to simple meals of instant noodles or macaroni topped with luncheon meat or grilled chicken - we guarantee you'll find something to satisfy the tastebuds of even the pickiest eater in your family. Wash your meal down with a silky yin yeung (a mix of coffee and tea with milk) or the classic milk tea.

Get a birds-eye view


Lantau Island's Big Buddha is one of Hong Kong's most iconic landmarks, and getting there via the Ngong Ping cable car allows visitors to have another unique experience. Choosing the Crystal Cabin, with its clear glass bottom, provides a whole new vantage point that the kids will get a thrill of, thanks to having the blue waters and lush greenery right under their feet. Don't forget to look out the window of your cable car to take in breathtaking scenes of the surrounding land and sea - the views are truly second to none in Hong Kong, making a journey there one that's not to be missed. And when you're at Ngong Ping Village, take the opportunity to visit the iconic Big Buddha or gather words of wisdom along the Wisdom Path, which has 38 wooden steles adorned with verses from the Heart Sutra.

Arts in our everyday life


All through March, during the Hong Kong Arts Month, you will be treated to a variety of arts related activities around the city. Enjoy the vibrant local arts scene during your daily commute or rediscover street art hiding in plain sight around the city centre of Hong Kong. Affectionately known as "arttube" near Entrance/Exit J of MTR Central Station - this mini art gallery provides a platform for individuals in the creative industries to showcase works spreading and exploring the culture of art as well as cultural heritage of Hong Kong. The latest exhibition "Art@MTR" features 13 sets of art pieces created by resident artists from the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre. Otherwise, surface to the SoHo area, where you can explore and capture insta-worthy colorful street art found on the walls along Hollywood Road or explore 25 flights of imaginative stair paintings across PMQ called "Hong Kong on Steps".